We want to help. Get Us Involved!

  • School, Troop or Class Night for Clubs/Organizations

    Designate Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night once a month for your Club/Organization to eat at CAL’Z. Receive 10% back on all Carry-Out/Delivery orders.

    Simply send in all receipts to our main office and wait for your check in the mail.

    Call 757-430-2432 ext. 211 to set up your Club/Organization.

  • The CAL’Z Pizza 50/50 - You be the vendor

    Purchase one topping large pizza’s for $6 (8 slices/pizza) Sell for $1.50 per slice. You make $6 for every full pizza you sell. Perfect for outdoor events! (Air Shows, Fairs, Picnics, and School Sporting Events)

  • Raffle Tickets

    CAL’Z will donate a free bucket of wings and/or a one-topping Calzilla Pizza. You sell the raffle tickets and your customers receive a $1.00 off coupon!

  • Interested in taking a Class Field Trip?

    Take a tour of a CAL’Z restaurant & kitchen. 3rd Grade Economics Field Trip.

    Call us at 757-430-2432 ext. 210 for program availiability!